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  YANG Bin ( Dr. Bin YANG ) , M.D. , Ph.D.
  Professor , Chief Surgeon , Centre of Maxillofacial Plastic Surgery
  Plastic Surgery Hospital , Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences ,
  Pekin Union Medical College , Beijing ,  People’s Republic of China
  Tel. 0086-10-88772368(Office)     Mobile phone : 13439939232
  E-mail: ybdoctor_psh @ 163.com   
  Memberships of  Professional Societies :
  Member of International Society of Craniofacial Surgery
  Member of Asian Pacific Cranio-Facial Association
  Committeeman of Chinese Society of Craniomaxillofacial Surgery
  Education background :
  Graduated from Shanghai Second Medical University
  Awarded Doctor of Medicine
  Work Experiences :
  1983-1984              Intern
  1984-1987   Resident of Pediatric Surgery & Maxillofacial Surgery
  1987-1990                 Chief Resident of Maxillofacial Surgery
  1990-1994                 Attending Maxillofacial Surgeon
  1994-1997                 Attending Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon
  1997-1999   Postdoctoral researcher , Lecturer,
  2000- 2007   Associate Professor , Plastic & Maxillofacial Surgery
  2001-2007 Deputy Director , Dept. of Plastic & Maxillofacial Surgery
  2008-2009 Director , Dept. of Plastic & Maxillofacial Surgery
  2010-      Professor , Dept. of Plastic & Maxillofacial Surgery
  Research fields :
  Plastic and reconstructive surgery of craniomaxillofacial malformations
  Computer-assisted cranio-maxillo-facial surgery
  Tissue Engineering
  Research  project :
  Preside over National Natural Scientific Fund  Project :  The regulating mechanism of inducing follicular stem cell differentiation to construct tissue engineering skin .
  Clinical Practices and Specialty :
  He had completed his Plastic Surgery training and Doctoral research directed by Professor Ti-sheng CHANG who is an eminent Plastic Surgeon , Academician of Chinese Engineering Academy. He has engaged himself in practicing and researching cranio-maxillo-facial surgery for twenty-five years. He undertook successively more than ten scientific projects , including national and provincial priority projects supported by government fund. He possessed national patent for invention of the head fixing frame for CT scanner .The project of surgical treatment of craniofacial malformations was awarded National and Provincial Scientific & Technological Advance Prize respectively in 1995 and 2008. He had published seven monographs , among two of those books he served as the editor-in-chief . He has had published approximate 50 original articles , reviews and translations.
   He has performed a lot of major surgical procedures on craniofacial deformities and gotten satisfactory results . Especially he used the distraction technique to treat Treacher-Collins syndrome , hemifacial microsomia , etc. , having gotten both good appearance and physiologic function.
  His treatment scope include as following: congenital and post-traumatic craniofacial deformities , craniofacial defect secondary tumor resection, facial nerves paralysis , secondary maxillofacial deformities of cleft lip and palate, scalp and skull defect, haemangioma, hemifacial microsomia, orbital hypertelorism , congenital craniofacial syndromatic malformation , such as Crouzon syndrome, Apert syndrome , Pffeifer syndrome, Carpenter syndrome , as well as the craniosynostosis or craniostenosis, such as scaphocephaly , oxycephaly, turricephaly , brachycephaly , plagiocephaly , triangucephaly and so on .  
  Major Presentations
  Yang Bin ,Huang Hong-Zhang , Chang Ti-Sheng,et al. The establishment of the three-dimensional computer-aided imaging system for craniomaxillofacial surgery and its clinical applications. Proceedings of Second Chinese International Congress on Oral and Maxillary Surgery. Nov. 1998, Shanghai.
  Yang Bin,et al. A research on three-dimensional visualization of craniofacial anatomical structure and simulation of craniofacial plastic surgery . Third Asian Pacific Craniofacial Association Conference . Shanghai Oct.30th ,2000.
  Yang Bin,et al . Aesthetic evaluation of craniofacial architecture . The 5th Asian Pacific Craniofacial Association Conference . Seoul , Korea ,Oct 4-6 ,2004.
  Major Publications :
  【Books and Chapters】(partial list)
  YANG Bin. Surgical treatment of the skull base tumor.
  In:Ti-sheng Chang ,ed: Craniofacial Surgery . Shanghai Sci & Tech Press ,1997 .
  YANG Bin. Distraction osteogenesis of craniofacial bone ; Tissue engineering and artificial organ . In: HUANG Hong-zhang,ed:
Current Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. Beijing : Scientific and Technical Documents Publishing House . 2001.
  YANG Bin (Editor-in-chief). Craniomaxillofacial Surgery.
  Beijing :Scientific and Technical Documents Publishing House. 2005
  YANG Bin (Deputy-editor-in-chief). 
  Practical aesthetic plastic operative Surgery.
  Beijing :Scientific and Technical Documents Publishing House.2004
  【Journal Articles】(partial list)
  1.YANG Bin ,et al. A Research on computer-assisted three-dimensional simulation of craniofacial surgery. Academic Journal of Sun Yat-Sen University.2000;21(4s):87-91.
  2.YANG Bin ,et al.The three-dimensional visualization of craniofacial structures . Chinese Journal of Medical Aesthetics and Cosmetology.2001;7(3):97.
  3.YANG Bin ,et,al.The clinical application of 3-D diagnostic & surgical designing system for craniofacial plastic surgery.Chinese Journal of Plastic Surgery .2001;17(2):85.
  4.YANG Bin , et al. Three-dimensional CT measurements of craniomaxillofacial structures. Chinese Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery.2000;10:115.
  5.WEI Min, YANG Bin. Experimental and clinical studies on craniomaxillofacial distraction osteogenesis . Chinese Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery .1997;7(4):279.
  6.YANG Bin ,et al.Recent advances of aesthetic craniofacial surgery . Chinese Journal of Medical Aesthetics and Cosmetology.2000;6(3):163.
  7.Yang Bin. The clinical applications of the three-dinensional computer-assisted diagnosis and designing system for craniomaxillofacial surgery (Abstract). Plast and Reconstr Surg , 2003,111(1):525.
  8.Yang Bin. Seed cells for composite tissue engineering skin can be harvested fast at one time . The 8th Annual Meeting of tissue Engineering Society International .Oct.22-25,2005.Shanghai .
  9.Ji Chenyang , Yang Bin , Zhang Jinming . An Easy Way of Obtaining Symmetry in Auricular Surgery Using Rotated Photographs .Annal Plast Surg , 2008 61(3):354.
  10.Yang Bin ,et al. A Comparative Study on Two Kinds of Surgical
Procedures of Penile Cavernous Corpora Augmentation . Journal of
Plastic,Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgery 2009,62(3):357-364 .
  Prize and Patent
  Excellent Doctor of Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hospital 
  ( First Class Prize , 2003---2004 )
  Head fixation frame of CT scanner
  ( Chinese Patent ZL 99 2 36861 . 8 , 2000 )
  Guangdong Provincial Scientific and Technological Prize
  ( B-15-0-3-04-R01   2008 )
  Courses Taught
  For Undergraduates: Surgery ( trauma , microsurgery )

  For Postgraduates:    Reconstructive microsurgery